Conversion copy that doesn’t sound like it was written at a desk. Or worse… in a boardroom.

It's time to toss that stale, gang-edited copy just taking up space - instead of driving sales. You deserve better than vague copy like make real connections,’ ‘so you can focus on what matters’ or ‘harness your potential.’

You won’t find any of that nonsense here.


Notable and globally-recognized brands hire me - again and again - for their projects and on retainer.

More leads. More sales.
More conversions.
You want those. Obviously.

But it goes beyond the best practices of copywriting.

Of course research is important (it's crucial, actually). So is UX, SEO and analytics -  and getting to know your audience so well you can finish their sentences.

But what’s missing here?

Risk. Personality. Interest. Something engaging that’s beyond one of your unique features.

Because people are busy, y’all. And it’s not as simple as a concise headline and short ‘blurbs’ that’s going to get their attention. (I mean, it might be short, it might not. But the point is that it’s not about cramming what’s so freakin’ unique about you or your business in 3 words instead of 11 or 37.)

You need to stand out or to take a stand in your messaging if you want to be noticed and remembered.

Copy & Messaging That Converts

“Lisa is a pleasure to work with and has played an integral role in supporting our email messaging strategy. Her ability to write compelling copy that converts is truly second to none. I would recommend working with Lisa for any messaging project!” -Stacey Richter, Campaign Manager, Shopify Plus

People desperately want to like you (and buy from you!)

Don’t make it hard for them. Don’t be so cool, clinical and ‘to the point’ that it makes it impossible to know who you are. (And to like you and to trust you.)

Be somebody. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big business or a solopreneur.

So, who are you?

If you don’t know, or can’t decide - I can help. Let’s make sure when someone finds you - they notice and remember you.

Conversion Copy That Hooks Your Readers

"Lisa is one of the best conversion-focused copywriters out there. I like her detailed systematic approach to copywriting.

Lisa’s ability to listen to, understand and extract critical information about your business, to research the market and your competition, to find customers' pain points, likes and dislikes, and weave it all together with emotional hooks your users would understand and relate to, is so critical for your success, sales and conversions. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a top class conversion copywriter for their business."

— Ashish Kothari, WebXL

Let's whip your copy into shape.