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Want Your Audience to Love You Forever (and Open their Wallets)? Connect with them Emotionally 

Consider these four stories:

A young woman buys the only pair of boots that will go with the new dress she plans on wearing to the club on Friday night. The boots are two sizes too small and painful to wear. But, damn, they look good.

An angry man sends a letter bomb to the wrong address. When it’s returned to him, he opens it.

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Copywriting Stages of Awareness

How Writing for the Stages of Awareness Will Convert More Readers into Paying Customers

Tell a two-year-old the value of getting good grades in school.

Go ahead. Try it.

If you don’t have a two-year-old handy, let me tell you that you’re wasting your time trying.

But you know that.

So why do we write copy that immediately gives an answer to a problem your reader may not even know they had? And then wonder why your landing page isn’t converting or your emails aren’t being read?

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What is a Swipe File? And Why Does Every Copywriter Need One? 

A swipe file is a collection of memorable content you can use for copywriting ideas. Save emails, pages, ads, etc. in your “swipe file.” And refer to your swipes for inspiration (and in place of templates) when you start writing.

Do you look at the blank screen and feel unprepared to write copy?

Then you should add an organized swipe file to your copywriting toolbox.

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Five Surprising Ways to Write Addictive Business Blog Posts

It's so frustrating: You work hard running your business. You know your industry inside and out. You offer something that nobody else does. And you take precious time to write about it in your business blog. Yet... nobody is reading. Your social share buttons are untouched. And your comment sections are empty too.

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Four Ways to Woo New Customers With Sweet-Talking Web Copy 

You know this isn't working. Something just isn't right.

You've spent weeks refining your Web copy. You think it looks damn near perfect. But it's not bringing the results you need.

Traffic. Leads. Profit.

Is that too much to ask? You give, and you give: You list your achievements, you detail your experience, you explain your worldview.

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