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A long time ago when I was a newbie copywriter I would help businesses write their website copy, but I went about it all wrong… although I didn’t know it at the time.

The client would show me their mostly completed website or landing page and ask me to replace the lorum ipsum (placeholder text) with copy. Or they would ask me for a few “blurbs” they could drop into various parts of their site.

The result? A generic website that would lack any kind of marketing strategy or plan to generate leads. It would basically act as an online brochure, instead of a 24/7 salesperson.

Since then I’ve learned better. Now I know that copy shouldn’t be the last thing you do when building a website or landing page. And that there is no such thing as copywriting separated from strategy.

Consistently writes winning copy that
generates over $1 Million in revenue

"Lisa is our go-to copywriter for copy that generates qualified leads and nurtures into customers. Her copy consistently beats every control by 20%+. And her last sales page generated over $1 million in revenue."

Shane O'Quinn
Direct Response Marketer, CEO Growth Optimizer

Here’s the truth: Copywriting can be hard to do, especially as a business owner. You’re so close to your business it’s difficult to get perspective.

You KNOW how much value you can provide, but it can be difficult to put what you know into words. It can feel like you have a million thoughts running through your mind, but you can’t see any of them very clearly.

If you work with me, you’ll get a website you’re proud of and that will help you meet your business goals. But more than website copy, you’ll also have clarity. Clarity about the value you provide and how you’re different and better than the alternatives.

I’m here to help you make money with words

Lisa Pierson The Conversion Copywriter

In the years since I started studying and working as a conversion copywriter I’ve written for brands big, really big and tiny.

I’ve learned that no matter the business, there’s always a human who’s reading the copy. They need to see themselves in your copy. And they need to connect with it before there’s any chance they’ll make a decision. I can help you do that.

But if there's one thing I want you to know about me, it's this:

If we work together, I will be invested in your success.

I’m not here to hand over a google doc full of “pretty” words that may or may not help you reach your goals. 

Instead, we’re going to get to know each other. I’m going to ask you questions. (A lot of questions.)

I’ll obsess over every detail about your product or service, your audience and you. You’ll get the strategy and execution necessary to connect with your audience and earn more money.

People and relationships are what’s most important to me.

Look. I know that statement can sound empty. It’s like saying I offer good customer service, or that I care about your success or that I’ll save you time and money. (You know… the basic promises you find on every corporate website, ever written.)

So, let me turn it over to a few people I’ve worked with. This is Sophia Dagnon, conversion copywriter extraordinaire. We had the pleasure of working together at an agency:

Lisa makes you feel like you matter: an oddly important skill when it's your job to inspire the best work out of someone. She can manage distinct personalities — and conflicting team priorities — with ease, while expertly helping everyone get on the same page and rock the project. If you need an expert marketer and copywriter who can also speak "people", and effortlessly lead initiatives to success, you've found her.

Sophie Dagnon
Conversion Copywriter

And this is from Chelsea Armstrong, communications pro and my former copywriting colleague at Copyhackers Agency:

Working with Lisa is like watching an Olympian do an armstand dive off a 10-metre platform. She makes her job look effortless, but you know there are thousands of hours behind her copywriting and project management expertise. And the most surprising part about that? Lisa’s all heart, with zero ego. At the risk of sounding sappy, she genuinely cares. About you, your project, your dreams for your business. And that shows in every interaction and every killer line of copy she writes

Chelsea Armstrong
Copywriter and Communications Pro

Some other things you might want to know about me:

  • I’m one of only a few certified Conversion Copywriters from Copyhackers

  • During my time as Copy Chief and Head of Marketing for a DTC business, I helped increase sales by 20%

  • I’m a mother of two daughters, and three step-children. Not so fun fact: All five of them were teenagers (and living with me) during lockdown. Which brings me to:

  • I drink my bourbon neat

  • I love to read, mostly fiction… but I’m always reading, or re-reading, books by the greats of direct response copywriting

  • I’m a grizzled running veteran, and I’ve got the gnarly, calloused feet to prove it. (Although, all requests to see my feet will be denied.)

  • I have a cat named Nala. (I wanted to name her Peggy Olson, but got overruled by my Mad Men deprived children.)

  • I knit poorly. I started to knit because I thought it would be meditative, but it just makes me angry.

About Lisa Pierson The Conversion Copywriter

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